A church that loves God and people passionately. One that goes beyond empty words to embrace godly action. A church that invites us to remove the masks instead of pressuring us to put one on.

A church where everyone takes reaching the lost seriously and they do their part as fishers of men. A church where those who make commitments to Christ are met with commitments of love and support from the people of God. A church that is serious and intentional about making disciples.

A church that is able to both forget and remember. One that embraces positive change but also imparts our heritage to the next generation. A church that stands on the shoulders of those who have come before us.

A church that is an agent of transformation for the region. One that does not ignore the suffering and marginalized in our context. A church that is not afraid to love loudly.

A church that is not trying to reproduce the experiences of the past, but is looking for new and fresh experiences in God’s Presence. A church that desires earnestly spiritual gifts, but also practices them with spiritual maturity.

A church that takes serious redeeming the time. One that would rather be fruitful than busy. A church that knows why it exists and focuses its resources in a precise direction.

A church that sees beyond its current ability. One that sees Kingdom expansion in its future and trusts God for the provision. A church that is willing to dream big and not settle.

Jason Daughdrill
Lead Pastor


Our vision is to see spirit-filled, kingdom centered revival come to the people and communities of Middle Tennessee and beyond.



Gateway is guided by three simple statements: Presence is Priority, Revival is Reality and Community is Cultivated.



The mission of Gateway Church is to extend the ministry of Jesus to all people.